Thinking with a bigger view

letter.jpg                                                                                                     I can’t help but wonder if perhaps toning things down was a mistake. Have I been true to myself? Well I can say this I do believe that i can be a bit on the intense side, and perhaps toning it down could help in some situations. What i had hoped to do was to have those around me step up, think about things in a bigger view. The most successful times in my life have been when I did not hold back in fear of offending someone. Put it all out in front to be seen and let the chips fall where planned. Then comes all the whining and crying about how things are too difficult and the pressure is too great. I say move on to some safe place if you wish but you would gain more by sticking around. I’m talking about business. I ran a successful construction company and did so aggressively. On a daily basis we pushed and pushed hard. Thinking with the ability to see the bigger picture was a requirement. Today I look at where I am and see that those around me might not be capable of a bigger view. Who listens when one speaks of thinking with a bigger view? Thinking with a bigger view around people that lack the ability to do so. Is it so difficult, a lack of understanding, or perhaps it’s the speed required to think this way. Times change and thinking in a bigger view then would benefit today. Teams dismantled and managers are left in the office alone trying to think of an instant fix. Opportunity still knocks, but without the ability to think with a bigger view fear will close the door.



One Response to “Thinking with a bigger view”

  1. Heather Says:

    Sometimes it’s hard to see past the now for people. It takes a driven person to keep the later in sight. If there is no later in a soul’s life then there is no drive to get there.


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