My Soul Corrected


The Road Now

  (Michael 8 yrs.)

I remember when I was a young boy. My parents were I guess going through the motions. As I got older I remember more time alone than with family, and times with family were tough, seemed a good slap to the head was all I was worth. This was love from a terrified soul? I think of how much thought went into raising my son in hopes of not making the mistakes my dad did. Having a young life that looked to me for everything required putting me to the side. I think my dad was mean to me because he did not understand unconditional love. Had I looked to him for love during times of his own struggles? and was pushing  me away all he knew? Or was he just terrified that it would change him? I remember my son looking to me while I was in the middle of a crisis, my thoughts were to let him in, and displace the kaos, feel the love that he was intuitively offering. Today my son is twenty two years old and I believe his soul is in order. Recently he told me that he feels that I have given him more than he could ever need. He is my soul corrected.

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One Response to “My Soul Corrected”

  1. Jill Terry Says:

    This gave me pause…
    Thank you.

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