Imagine That


All the news about the economy has me thinking about a little rule I use to live by. I’ve always believed that I could move ahead if I just did what was in front of me and not worry too much about anything else. Well this had become difficult to do and I found myself side tracked. Looking around me and listening to the worries of other people became common place. This not to say that I think it best not to listen, after all everyone who knows me will tell you that I am an excellent listener. What I’m talking about is the worries about the economy. We still need to live and we still have bills to pay and if everyone listens to the economic fears, spending will decrease and most peoples ability to pay the bills will diminish. At least that is what was happening to me. So last week I went back to looking straight ahead and doing what is in front of me. The result has been very effective and I now have more to do than I can accomplish in a day. And today an amazing thing happened, I had just finished closing a deal and was enjoying the rush when at my office door stood an enemy, in her out stretched hand was a box of candy and a hand rolled cigar. All she said to me was “for you” and turned and walked away. Yes I checked the box for a factory seal and I’ll check the cigar tonight when I smoke it.  I have been reciting a prayer of peace for the last four months and this is the third example to come my way in two weeks. Imagine that.



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