When Snakes Speak


The Road Now

I have this sense of calm about me for I am a snake hunter. Sitting at my desk going through files, reading scenarios, and calculating the ratios. I am able to envision the clients dream of success. The story sounds good so I dig and try to disprove it. If it passes this test then the chances of getting funding increase. I learned a long time ago that you have to cut the head off the snake, and you’ve got to do it right away. Snakes are a blemish in the story, a deal killer and you have to dig deep to find them. There is no room for fear when confronting them, and the only way to kill this type of snake is to ask questions. Kill the snake before it kills the deal. When snakes speak they say “Shoulda Coulda Woulda”.



2 Responses to “When Snakes Speak”

  1. BID Says:

    In other words you pick it apart and set on it till you feel it is safe to move on? If there is a snake then you have to find a way to dodge it or scrap the whole thing.

    That is how I saw this post, because that is how I am. I don’t make rash or impulsive decisions often. It’s not the safe route. It’s the smart one.

    Thanks for the comment, it gave me a smile.

  2. theroadnow Says:

    That’s the way it is. If we move forward without killing the snakes they will rear their ugly head and kill the deal. “should coulda woulda” everytime.

    Thanks for taking the time.


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