Where Do Angels Go (concluded)

The Road Now

I have managed to keep a couple of angels from leaving, Actually these angels now stay because of the work of one angel in particular, she arrived in 1999 and chose to leave in 2001, I remember her as a warm Summer Breeze, She affected my thinking and opened the door to friendship with others. No longer am I just a man of lust greed and glory. Still can’t tell you where angels go, but ask me why they leave,.



3 Responses to “Where Do Angels Go (concluded)”

  1. BID Says:

    Lust, greed and glory. Lust with love is OK. 🙂 Greed is never ok. 😦 Glory? I think glory is good unless it pertains to greed. It’s easy to say when you are less than rich, but money is evil. It can’t buy you the best of the most important things.

    I think you must have learned something so very important from this angel. But why did she leave?

  2. theroadnow Says:

    Angels leave because if the one they are with isn’t getting it you can be sure they will when your gone. There is just so much work to do. Many of the changes she caused happened after she left, that’s when my eyes opened.

  3. BID Says:

    In other words, you don’t know what you got till it’s gone.

    Funny, my X apparently still regrets not knowing what he had till it was gone. That was seven years ago. I haven’t missed him once.

    Use your new understanding with someone else, there are alot of great women out there!

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