The Road Now

Been a long time since I last saw you. Really surprised you remember me. How could I forget? You were important part of my life as a child. Thanks but I think that I was the cause of much pain for you. Well if you are speaking of the suffering that occurred later in life, then I agree.You know I had no choice in the matter right? Yes an innocent by stander, fixed position, non thinking entity. You seem to understand the situation. Yep, had to be there and experience those terrible things in order to be where I am today. Did you figure this out on your own or did you see the wise man? That’s not funny, you know the wise man died before I met you. Actually he died after we met, I remember seeing you with him. You do? Yes, he really wanted the best for you. How do you know? I would listen to him in the evening when he prayed. Did he know this? I think he did because just before he died he asked that I keep you safe , I’m sorry that i wasn’t able to do that. Maybe he wasn’t talking to you. Who then? those times you saw me speaking with him he was teaching me about God, he asked him to protect me. Do you think he did? Without a doubt, you did what you could by giving shelter, but it was God that has kept me safe and alive.Did you ever think you would see me again? I dream of you often and I still have unfinished business that pertains to you and the things that happened around you. Your dreams are they bad? Not really I see the black room then I find myself seeking the safe room, you know the one out back. The black room? Yeah, it wasn’t all black in the beginning, just the ceiling, then after everyone had dinner the room turned black. I don’t remember you ever eating much. That’s why the room was black, I was hungry but I was like a dog begging for scraps. Yes I remember, do you still flinch when one raises a hand. No I don’t, you really saw more than I thought you did. I heard more than I saw. I think I need to go now, sorry we didn’t have anything good to talk about. I’m happy to see that you turned out pretty good. Thanks I’m glad you took the time to talk to me. Will I see you again? I think so, I want to tell you about my son, he brings me much joy. I’ll talk to you soon.


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