Military Fathers

My father was a U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant in world War II. After the war, he became a police officer and ultimately, cheif of police.Over the years I have had strangers come up to me and say they joined the Corps after my dad arrested them. He didn’t drive people straight to jail, he drove them around town, discussed life, doing whats right and his experience in the Corps.His lessons were also learned at home. Both my brother and I are Marines, something my mom said was one of the best gifts we ever could have given him. 

By Anthony T. Martinez. Fresno,California. son of John C. Martinez

At 82, my father has been involved in more than 600 military funerals. Though he shouldn’t be out in the frigid weather, he does it because he knows the deceased veteran deserves it. It’s difficult for him to fill the ranks for a proper burial, yet he forges on. He is a veteran who will never let another be burried without honors. This is a man who is right for his comrades, not for his own recognition. He is truly one of our last heroes from long ago. There are not many left.

William L. Weger, son of Bob Weger

My father was of the age to have served in Korea but was unable to do so, having lost an eye in childhood. As the youngest of seven children, I was his baby girl. Through my 16 years in the Guard and reserve, a tour in the Persian Gulf and a 14-month tour in Iraq, my father was oneof themost supportive people in my career. He didn’t always understand waht it was I was fighting for, but he always respected my right to serve, even when he knew it put me in harms way on a daily basis. My father was proud of my service in the military and shared my latest news with anyone that would listen. He raised me to believe that i could do anything, and that I should always treat others the way I want to be treated. My father was ill when I left for Iraq and passed away two months after I returned. My mother says he stayed alive for me. My only regret is that he is not here to share his pride over his daughter becomming the second of only four female comand sergeant majors in the Iowa Army National Guard.

Command Sgt. Maj. Deanne M. Hosek, HHD, 109th Medical Battalion(MMB), Iowa City, Iowa. daughter of Vince V. Neubauer

My dad enlisted in the Army in 1942. After basic training as a combat medic, he was sent to the pacific, where he spent the duration of the war. At Leyte, he was seriously wounded and lost half his foot. We didn’t find out until shortly before his death that he had a great number of medals coming. Through the efforts of our senator, Dad received the Purple Heart, five Bronze Stars and various others. We are very proud of his service and will always miss him.

Mike McDonnell, Highmor,S.D. son of Leonard McDonnell

My father was a World War II Navy aviator, dive bomber and fighter pilot. What stands out strongly in my father”s characte and personality are the values and morals instilled and emphasized in him by his military service. Most outstanding are respect, honesty and preparedness. He taught us by example, not by force. He lived his life with good, orderly direction. To this day, at 85 years old, my military dad exemplifies the old-world charm and grace of a military education, a style that is so often lost or overlooked in today’s modern high-speed world. From my father, I have learned the value of fairness, kindness, and tolerance. I have watched as his fierce patriotism is backed by the unshakable belief that the Ynited States and its people are strong and good.

Christine Kulper-Massaro,Sanremo, Italy, daughter of Lt. Anthony D. Kulper


I hope you enjoyed reading these as much as I have.






2 Responses to “Military Fathers”

  1. BID Says:

    My Dad was in Vietnam, he had three children. Not a one of us went on to me a Marine. I think that disappointed him, but he disappointed us and I think that is where it all went awry. I often think about it, if I would have done things different, I would have liked to make him proud.

    He’s still very active in the league, I’m the one that is proud of him.

  2. theroadnow Says:

    I’m sure you have made him proud as well.

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