Do You Have A Minute

The Road Now

It’s Memorial Day weekend and I hope that everyone takes the time to Honor the Fallen. Most every town has some sort of ceremony. They usually occur around 10 am at your near by Veterans home, American Legion hall or Cemetery. If you can’t get to one please take a minute and visit the links below. Included are a link to CNN Memorial day, Faces of the Fallen,  Washington Post page of Honor as well as a page from a  Word Press Blogger. Thank you my fellow Americans.




5 Responses to “Do You Have A Minute”

  1. BID Says:

    You know I always get so caught up in the food that I forget there are people out there having parades and showing their pride.

    I should fit that in this year. What better time than now?

    Thanks Adam!

  2. theroadnow Says:

    most of the Ceremonie have fantastic picnics after….Hope you enjoy.

  3. theroadnow Says:

    I added a cople more links..worth the visit..

  4. How You Doin Blondie Says:

    Thanks Adam, for everything 🙂 .

  5. theroadnow Says:

    It was good for me too

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