Good Citizen True American

The Road Now

LCPL Deleon on the phone to SGT Curtan serving in Iraq. Dad Curtan preparing for the traditional after ceremonies activity.

The Road Now

Activites begin at a local Ranch. Assorted weapons, 15,000 rounds of ammo, cooler full of beer and a box of Rocky Patel Cigars.

The Road Now

The Road Now

Young Americans currently serving our country. Taking time out to be with family. Doing what Military families do. Staying sharp and ready in case there is an attack on the homeland.

The Road Now

My son is bringing me up to speed on the latest weapon of choice. Priceless moment.

The Road Now

My son made this boy very happy. He was wearing a Marine Corps. cammie shirt and so Michael said hello and asked about the shirt. Boy says he dreams of being a Marine some day. Michael spent time with him talking to him about the importance of the education he needs to become a Marine. Then gives him his hat and collar insignia along with a Marine Corps Welcome packet. I know that boys life changed at that moment. I look at my son in this photo and I see a good citizen, a true American.



10 Responses to “Good Citizen True American”

  1. How You Doin Blondie Says:

    Adam, your son looks so young! Take him out of the Marine Corps this instant! And then after I snatch up my brother out of Iraq, they can go join the Boy Scouts together, right?

    Sigh. If only it were that easy.

  2. How You Doin Blondie Says:

    Oh, and that picture of you and your son? I’ve never seen two more handsome men 🙂

  3. theroadnow Says:

    Yes on that day he looked younger than usual….We were in the store Memorial day, he was in full Dress Blues and he was buying tabacco and they insisted on an ID.

    I wish was it was that take them back to years ago. Glad you liked the picture….I was thinking about you when I posted..

  4. How You Doin Blondie Says:

    They ID’d him in his DRESS BLUES? Bless his heart, how embarrassing!

    You were really thinking about me when you posted? I like that…that you think of me even when we’re not “talking”…any particular reason I popped into your head?

  5. theroadnow Says:

    He took it pretty well….It always amazes me how little our fellow Americans know about the Military.

    You found your way into my head a while back and you have been there every since.

  6. theroadnow Says:

    Extracting comments…but the particular reason….blood flow

  7. How You Doin Blondie Says:

    Hmmm…blood flow? I like where that comment leads my naughty mind 😉

  8. How You Doin Blondie Says:

    Well, assuming you’re counting lips, tongue, and mouth as all part of the “head”, then the answer is “Yes.” 😉

  9. theroadnow Says:

    Grinning from ear to ear everytime I read that.

  10. michael deleon Says:

    Wow a conversation about me turned sexual lol! I am used to being asked for ID still now at 23 I get carded for rated R movies ironically not always for alcohol. And in response to pulling me out of the marines…..good luck I have one of the best jobs in the world and I wouldn’t trade it for all the money in the world.

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