Little Things I like About Living

Simple things like rolling the garbage cans out to the curb, neighbors do it around 6 pm, I do it after 11 pm. I place the can at the curb and walk back up the drive way and look east then west, empty streets except the cans and a few cars that didn’t make it into the garage. Garaging your cars is what we agreed to do when bought homes here. I look at my tree and then slip my off my shoes and check out the thick lush grass that I have worked so hard to grow, Let there be no question about where the greenest grass is. It is mandatory that it be where I stand. I do this nightly, except the garbage part. Little things I like about living.




3 Responses to “Little Things I like About Living”

  1. terminalrant Says:

    I loved what you wrote. Like a brief peek into your head.

  2. BID Says:

    I like to take the trash out in the dead of night. I like to hear the frogs and crickets and hopefully the sky is clear so I can see all those stars. And there is something about the chill of the grass at night after being drenched in the sweltering sun all day. That coolness seeps into my tired feet, it’s better than a foot bath hands down!

    I put you on the spotlight, you’ll have to come visit!

  3. theroadnow Says:

    The stars…I don’t really get to see them as well as I would like to..too many street lights.

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