Consider Living Longer

The Road Now

While out on my 20 mile bike ride tonight I took this photo of the street I live on. I took it from on top of the levee which is also a bike trail. I also found some things in the neighborhood I did not know were there.

The Road Now

This very nice park popped up out of no where. I have been in this neighborhood 4 years and this the first time I have seen this. There are some really nice BBQ pits that could cook many burgers.

The Road Now

This is Steel head Creek. I knew it was on the other side of the levee which is a block and a half from my front door. What I didn’t know is that it was this beautiful. Saturday is free fishing day, I plan on getting my light weight tackle and putting some fish on the table.

The Road Now

I had no idea that cows live 6 miles from me. These guys didn’t have a sense of humor. I guess I don’t blame them. You know a cow that lives in the city, even if it is California can’t be too happy.

The Road Now

I knew this Plum tree was here, in fact there are about 35 of these trees in the parking lot of a commercial building. I stopped here during the last 40 minutes of my ride. I ate about 30 of the delicious fruit. These trees are in many neighborhoods and not many people eat them, They are small and the trees are usually filled with birds that eat from the top of the tree. While eating from this one there were 40 or so black birds, Crows I think, they made a lot of noise and flew over head, I left after getting my fill.

The Road Now

This is a California King Snake he was on the bike on the trail, he didn’t move much, he was either cold or he recognised me from the tales his folks told around the camp fire, I stopped and conversed with him about how dry it is here in California, we haven’t had enough rain and water rations are in place, it is going to be difficult to maintain the green grass I enjoy so much. He agreed and said he would understand if I did as the stories said, but would really like to go home and be the story teller at the next camp fire. I agreed to spare his life, after all he is a King snake.

As a child I would spend most of my day out in the country, I was taught by a Hopi Indian. I soon became very good at making rain. I would go out and hunt snakes, kill one and pray for rain, hung the snake on the wire fence. Next day snake would be gone and we had rain. I shit you not. I will write more on this in the future.

The Road Now

Stopped at the store and had a pastrami sandwich and some Gatorade Rain. I know the snake is happy that I chose to get it this way. So it was a very good ride and it is the first time I went 20 miles. In fact I usually don’t go more than a couple of miles. I have decided that I need to work extra hard right now to reverse the aging process. When I arrived home I cooked some pasta and chicken (at the cows request).

The Road Now

Here I am before adding the bike riding to my routine. Need to burn some fat in order to age backwards. I also believe that taking the time to see the landscape will have it’s benefits. Biological age is 49, (yes that is old) but my real age is 31, and if I keep up my routine I can expect to live to 91. By adding the bike ride I hope to change these numbers. I eat at least 7 meals a day, hit the gym 5 days a week, take many supplements I don’t believe in Viagra nor do I plan on ever needing it. Please take the time to visit this link and see what your real age is. Then consider living longer.

Age Calculator

Stride Stretcher

The Road Now


6 Responses to “Consider Living Longer”

  1. Eric Olsen Says:

    Great pictures! Biking allows a person to experience the land better than simply driving through it.

    You could live well past 91. There will be advances in medicine and technology in the next 42 years. Just think of what has happened in medical technology over the last 40 years.


  2. Godfather Says:

    20 Miles?! Man, I only go that far on my motorcycle!

    I’m sure that was a great experience and, despite living there for several years, you found new stuff on the ride!

    Very Cool!

  3. theroadnow Says:

    Yes and tonight I plan on riding the opposite direction. 20 miles to the south. who knows what I will see.

  4. leafless Says:

    What a lovely shot of the neighborhood!

    You look to be in very good shape. Happy biking.

  5. Bid Says:

    Wow! Look at all these comments!

    That snake is not something I think I would like to chat with.

    A Hopi? Really?

    Wow! Look at those arms! I think my mouth is open….

  6. BID Says:

    Thinking about that other post, the Hopi Indian played a vital part of your childhood. Kind of a replacement for the parents you lacked. He must have been part of what made you such a good person.

    I still can’t get over those arms! Geesh! You’re like an action figure! *L*

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