In The Shadows

The Road Now

I heard recently that most people go through life thinking that nothing bad will ever happen. I wonder how true that is. Back when I thought like that, seems I did more, I dealt with failure, then it was on to the next thing and see how it goes. I don’t go through life now thinking bad things are going to happen, But I do try and see the possible outcomes, good and bad. Taking fewer risking comes with aging because the possible negative outcomes are more clear than the possible positive outcomes. I am able to visualize both but seems the negative is more apparent than the positive. I think it has to do with aging only because it seems that with age the ablity to dream lessens. Does it have to do with current status? Does it have to do with the way one is raised? In the shadows a of fatherless home in which I became, I often ask, what if I had parents, parents that cared, parents that did what ever parents do for those they brought into this confusing world.




5 Responses to “In The Shadows”

  1. BID Says:

    The effect your parents have on you are what you make of them I think. You either learn from them or become them.

    Watching children grow I notice that they are their own people very early on and those traits usually stick with them. I have always been an analyst, I can see both sides. I weigh pros and cons. I’m rarely impulsive.

    It has to do with your sign too believe it or not. I don’t get it but it is what it is.

  2. leafless Says:

    “Does it have to do with the way one is raised?”

    I am inclined to think so. But parents can have both positive and negative impacts on their children. It all depends on how they themselves were raised. Sometimes, a person is better off not having one or both.

  3. theroadnow Says:

    Very good comments..Being raised on the street by wolves, here I am nearly a half century old and I am just now really thinking about it…

  4. therealstorie Says:

    It’s hard. I have often said to God, “what would I have been like if I was allowed to be me?” Then again, I would not be who I am today if it weren’t for the breaking, and shattering……nor would I have known of the incredible grace and mercy of God, the one who yes, allowed these things in the first place, but then redeemed, repaired and loved me. it’s all a wonder, and a mystery.

  5. theroadnow Says:

    The breaking and shattering is something that I could easily write about, without it I guess grace and mercy would be without meaning.

    I appreciate you stopping by.


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