Lost Sheep

The Road Now

The state of the union is as follows. We have had many things come our way, most passed without leaving any cash behind. It is time to State our niche products,and stick to the program. I suggest we we state our niche products in many departments. I will state them at the end of this email. What we need is for us to be on the same page, the page will become a book. We do not need everyone in the same book at one time. If the book reader suggest that the page has become blank, the the page is blank until we have time to put our own book aside and begin to rewrite the blank page.Translation is that we need to be a team. Team work is the key. That does not mean that when a new idea comes our way the we drop what we are doing and have everyone working on the same thing. Stay with your book and make progress and report it. Since day one we have had different departments, everyone focused on one department even though they were assigned otherwise. This is seemingly still true. We have become like lost sheep seeking the shepard, we have begun to think of everyone as our shepard. There is but one shepard, and that Shepard is me.Sales managers put product in front of you so you can sell it to anyone with a pulse. If there is a problem with the product, think again, it is more likely to be the lost sheep mentality setting in. Clients will always tell you that it needs to be one way or they will not do business. They are incorrect, they have come to us because we are professionals and we have what they need. To run and try to find exactly what they want is not the way to close a deal. Instead what we need to do is repeat in their own words their situation to them. They should begin to get the picture, the picture is we have the product, they need the product. We are selling the product, they are buying the product. There is always some flexibility, but don’t start off thinking this way. Remember if you give an inch, they want a foot. Give an inch too early in the deal and the only foot and anyone will see is the one to the ass when the deal falls apart. If you don’t feel comfortable asking a client to put money at risk, then consider this. You are a lost sheep and your client is your shepard, that is not the way it shoud be. Lead your client to the close. We are at a turning point. Without structure, without team work,the point becomes the point of no return. I have put in countless hours on everything that we are currently working on, it is time to redirect our thinking. Want to deal with the investors directly, or submit that huge loan on your own? I think it is a good idea. But do it armed to the teeth with information, knowledge builds confidence, confidence closes deals. I have always said that you must always have your selling shoes on, keep them sharp and polished. I am your shepard, I will guide you to the promise land, the land where the books are well written. Shall we now set out as a team in search of our own fat and happy checkbooks.

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 (email to my sales team from me)

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6 Responses to “Lost Sheep”

  1. Chris Moran Says:

    Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran

  2. How You Doin Blondie Says:

    Eh, not the happiest you’ve ever been. But still love it.

    Miss ya.

  3. theroadnow Says:

    Miss you too Blondie.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Our time together is always good for me.


  4. leafless Says:

    Looks really professional behind that desk. 🙂

  5. Heather Says:

    Did you really send that to “the people” on your team?

    It was well put, but did it work?

  6. theroadnow Says:

    Yes I did send it to everyone on my team. It worked, but it is something I have to keep doing.

    This was actually me being nice, and politically correct.


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