Epaminons Wish

The Road Now

Great spirit, the child is with fever, he is in the room alone, door is locked, his death is expected. Tell me old man why have you come to me? I come to you because I will be leaving this earth soon, I have told the child of his great journey, I must see him to his path. Did you tell the child you were leaving? Yes great spirit and he is very much afraid. Does the child see? Great spirit he is very special, he sees very far, but understands little of what he sees. What do you want for him? Great spirit I want for him to know you, to know of what you teach. Old man do you fear how he will receive the words? No great spirit, he has in him my soul, we have made rain, I see his soul corrected in the distance.  So it shall be, go now old man, leave this earth, leave in the time set for you, know that the child will understand the snake, and he will make much rain. The spirits will visit the child, bestow upon him sharp vision for the great distance ahead. The child will live, the child will stray, and in time, the child will come home. With soul corrected he will become.

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8 Responses to “Epaminons Wish”

  1. therealstorie Says:

    this picture is intriguing…as is the message. I kind of see a person~
    and I kind of see a person in th message……….like in the message……

  2. therealstorie Says:

    Ok, that came out ALL wrong….

    I am feeling that the pcture of the person and the picture is there, but cloudy

  3. therealstorie Says:

    ….and no, I do not stutter:—)

  4. theroadnow Says:

    Storie, that is a picture of the window in the room where the child was with fever.
    It was taken some 30 years later by the child now a grown man.
    Epaminon was the childs grandfather.
    The story is deep.
    I am happy that you were able to see the connection.

  5. therealstorie Says:

    Do you like puzzles?:–)

  6. theroadnow Says:

    Puzzles? Not really, but I do love math and art.

  7. leafless Says:

    A marvelous read.

  8. theroadnow Says:

    Leafless, thank you very much for stopping by.

    It is always nice to hear from you.


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