A Whisper in my Soul

The Road Now

Awaken by the sense that someone was in the room, the man sat up, looked into the darkness. A dim blue light appeared and a voice spoke. Yan Yaq, Yan Yaq. The man asked how did you now? The voice answered it is Epaminon and I’ve come to take you home. The man stood and with out reached hand walked toward the voice. Come with me we have much work to do. The man followed holding the hand of the voice. Say the words with me. Yan Yaq, Yan Yaq, together they said.

In an instance they arrived to a very familiar place. I have been here recently the man said. Yes you have but it was a long time ago. The voice had now taken the shape of a man, an older man. Epaminon it is you, oh how I have missed you. Why are you here? Why did you bring me to this place? I have brought you here because your time with the weeping child is about to change. How do you know of the weeping child? Road he said, the weeping child is the part of my soul passed along to you many years ago. It is time for you to lay him to rest, he wishes to weep no more. The man looked around as the familiar place was recognized as the place where grew up. The place of much pain. Epaminon said to the man, look around take in the view. The man began to weep, the tears were many, and the feeling in his stomach was like he had eaten glass. But Grandpa it hurts, and I am full of fear. Epaminon stood beside the man, hugged him and whispered the words Yan Yaq, Yan Yaq.

In the not too far distance a carriage appeared. It was old and wooden, the wheels were rusty. Road you must go toward it, and you must go toward it alone. Road proceeded toward the carriage, as he approached it the side fell apart, inside the man could see a box, it looked like a coffin, it was a very small coffin, Road reached out to touch it and the coffin slid out onto the ground. Startled Road turned toward Epaminon, but he was not there. Darkness was all he could see.

 Epaminon now a voice called out from the darknes, Yan Yaq, Yan Yaq. The box opened revealing a child. Road kneeled beside the box, reached in to touch the child, his skin was old and his eyes were open. Road stood quickly and called out to Grandpa, we need shovels, we need to dig. Shovel in hand the man dug a very big hole, standing in it he looked up to the sky as he understood what he was doing. He pulled the box with child inside into the hole, reached to secure the lid, the child sat up, reached out and said I promised you I would be here when you arrived, you came I am here, I weep no more, now you must go and tell the story of the whispered words, tell of how they were passed along to you, tell of what you have done with them, tell of what the words have done for you. Your soul is now corrected and you must go forward and be that which was planned for you.

The child hugged Road and said, this looks like good bye but I will always be with you. The child laid down in the box, Road filled the hole with rich lush dirt. Epaninon was once again whispering in Roads soul.


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3 Responses to “A Whisper in my Soul”

  1. leafless Says:

    A little dark, but I like it.

  2. Heather Says:

    I’m getting the picture now, I think. I have many questions though.

    For later though…

  3. theroadnow Says:

    Heather I will be happy to answer your questions when you are ready to ask


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