Reserved Seat

There comes a time when things must change, things change on their own or we change them. I have decided to close my office, cut my losses and move on. I am headed in a new direction. What this means is that my 3 day work week will become a 7 day work week. My 4 hour days will now be 16 hours long. It’s been a while since I have caused this much change in my life. I am up for the challange because of this blog. It has allowed me to express all that has been pent up inside me for years. I set out to practice writing in hopes of publishing a book in the near future. I still intend to do that, just putting it off for a while. I want to thank you for visiting my blog and encourage you to keep stopping by. Having healed I have decided to reserve myself a place in the future. With business plan in hand and a new office in downtown Sacramento California the future is what I am about to make it. I am looking at things behind me one last time and taking notes. Everything that I have done, good and bad has prepared me for my journey. I am as excited as a kid with no supervision in a candy store. Gotta go I hear them calling me to the game. And the name of the game is called riding the gravy train. “All Aboard”



2 Responses to “Reserved Seat”

  1. Heather Says:

    Well good luck to you! But don’t be a stranger, we still want to hear about the ordinary you know!

    And take your vitamins, that’s a pretty big change!

  2. therealstorie Says:

    What kind of work are you in?
    or creating?

    I can read my own thoughts in reading your blog entry here…
    I have blogged as a way of therapy…and have recently geared up to work….because I actually felt strong enough to.


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