My Visit With God

The Road Now

I listened, repeated your words, your belief became mine. I have known that others have followed. Could such simple words with so much meaning really have the power to deliver me from the hell I have known? I lay myself down in a strange place, having been displaced from the imaginary comfort I lived in. Sleep came upon me, I felt you calling me up to you. My resistance was temporary, as I felt my soul rise up from my body, I saw a white veil covered entity, the choir began to sign a heavenly song. My soul floating in the shallow water that surrounded me. I accepted the baptisim that you offered. Awakened by you as my soul decended from your touch, born again into your way of life. My journey continued into the weeks to come. The vision more clearly presented and the path before me eaiser to walk. Forward into that which I am becoming.


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2 Responses to “My Visit With God”

  1. cwillz Says:

    Rise and walk in the newness of life.

  2. wen Says:

    i remember that myself so many years ago when i became baptized and wish so much to have tha aback—thanks for sharing with me

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