Getting Rich

The Road Now

I look back from my seat on the train, the view is very different today than it was just eleven weeks ago. I have met many people and a kitten. I think the kitten has had the biggest effect on me. I have always been a dog person, this kitten was just a day or two old when we found him abandoned in a trash can. Today he is a fiesty little bastard and I really like him. I still bottle feed him several times a day, I constantly ask why he is with me on this journey. I guess I will know someday. The rest of this trip has been very interesting, it is as if I am in a never ending card game, playing with out drawing a single card, working the hand I was dealt. I have been filled with doubt at times and I just keep going. I have learned to just let things be, momentarily at least, and things just work out. There are many in my life as I ride the train, most of them looking to skim a ticket and ride for free. My son came to visit and I was blessed to have him at my side for 3 full days. Funny thing happened while he was here, got a call early Monday morning, didn’t recognize the number, answered the phone and was shocked to find it was from a woman I have not talked to in at least 6 years, hadn’t seen her in at least 8 years. I listened and agreed to meet with her, my son and his Marine friend (Scott) drove out to the local breakfast house, there in the parking lot 22 years of mistrust, misunderstanding and of course the hatred I thought I had was washed away with a simple hug and a kiss that came from someplace I do not know. So we proceeded to have breakfast, me, my son, Scott, and my sons mother. This the very first time in at least 18 years that my son would see his mom and dad together at the same table, sitting next to each other with nothing of the past between them. Truly amazing day. My ride on the train began some eleven weeks ago and I thought I would be rich with money, the money is there but I have recieved so much more. Funny how things in life just happen at the right time if you just keep moving forward. The pain I felt latter that day is something that I am not able to explain as of yet. The train is still moving really fast but I am able to see with out much blur.




2 Responses to “Getting Rich”

  1. Heather Says:

    How big of you. I wish everyone could wash hate away just like that at least for a little while.

  2. theroadnow Says:

    Not sure that I have ever felt hate. Many negative emotions but never hate.

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