If I Could Sing


The Road Now

If I Could Sing You A Song Today, This is the one. Happy Valentines Day
 Can’t Stop Loving You (Van Halen)
There’s a time and place for everything for everyone
We can push with all our might but nothing’s gonna come
Oh no, nothing’s gonna change, and if I ask you
Not to try oh could you let it be I wanna hold you and say we can’t throw this all away
Tell me you won’t go, you won’t go
Do you have to hear me say I can’t stop loving you
And no matter what I say or do
You know my heart is true
Oh, oh, I can’t stop lovin’ you You can change your friends, your place in life
You can change your mind
We can change the things we say and do anytime
Oh no, but I think you’ll find
That when you look inside your heart
Oh, baby, I’ll be there, yeah
Hold on, I’m holding on, baby just come on
Come on, come on, I just wanna hear you sayOh, I’m so twisted and tied, and all I remember
Was how hard we tried, only to surrender
And when it’s over I know how it’s gonna be
And true love will never die, no, not fade awayAnd I know what I got to do, hey, _____
What you said is true oh, I can’t stop lovin’ you

Lots of Love On This Special Day



2 Responses to “If I Could Sing”

  1. leafless Says:

    “And true love will never die, no, not fade away.”

    A great line.

  2. wen Says:

    i love the heart picture–i love art period and more of the abstract art–thanks for sharing it–i also love that song

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