In Remembrance

Johnny Botello USMC kia Vietnam (2)

The Road Now

Johnny Botello

United States Marine Corps 

KIA  Vietnam

My Brother-in-Law


The Road Now

Matthew Brown

United States Army

War Casualty


My Nephew

These are Heros in my eyes as are all that have fallen in defense of this great nations freedom.

Please take the time to remember what Memorial Day is About



4 Responses to “In Remembrance”

  1. marycooke Says:

    Heroes indeed!

    Thank you LORD, for Johnny and Matthew, and for all of our fallen soldiers; for their love of our country, courage, and incredible sacrifice. May their families be blessed by the memory of their faithful example, and may we all stay true to the banner of freedom that they died to protect and preserve. Amen.


  2. leafless Says:

    “The cost of freedom is always high, but Americans have always paid it. And one path we shall never choose, and that is the path of surrender and submission.”

    Each of our fallen heroes represents the best that America has to offer. They are the freedom fighters.

  3. Sandra Evans: PVT Matt Brown's mom Says:

    I wanted to say thanks for recognizing our hero’s sacrifice and all that they loved about our country to give your life. There’s nothing bigger than that except our LORD JESUS. May God be with all you who have suffered the same as I. And may God surround his light on our life’s and heart, soul.

    Love you Matthew and
    proud to be your Mom.

  4. theroadnow Says:

    Sandy Thanks for stoppng by..
    Lot’s of love..


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