A Dream Ends


The Road Now

Having set out little over a year ago chasing a dream that has now become a ghost. I find myself  looking deep into that which is now so clear. I ask why did I not see it? The Warning signs were there perhaps clouded by the need to be different from those who so easily accepted the current state of the economy. Having the hope of a life long dream coming true I moved ahead believing that my inner questions were heard as prayer.  Prayers being answered by my footing being firmly planted on the path I saw before me.  Everything  seemed to be falling into place. Must be God sent I thought so keep going. Now the sheep appeared and followed the chosen Shepherd. Eventually the sheep would leave the shepherds site and continue without him. Some would harbor doubt that was quickly set aside in hopes that the positive thoughts would be enough to transform into the dream we chased.  Today I look at your signature and hear you laughing as a dream is crushed by the shoes of a perfectly perpetrated fraud.

The Road Now

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