Old Man

The Road Now

 I stood in front of the hillside I looked up to the sky and asked you for help.

To deliver me from the current situation it would take a miracle.

I looked down and saw the path leading up the hill.

The days followed spent in silent communication with that which I assume is always there.

Sentence after sentence spoken with the need to have a vision of what is really before me.

Not willing to stop what I have been doing for so many years because I believe.

I believe in you and what you represent.

I feel forgiveness on a daily basis because I stray every hour.

I sense my inner turmoil but know I am receiving signal that I need to decipher.

I am in need of the key to this door that frightens me.

I’ve no one to turn to for I am old.

So I stand before you and try to see you as my children see me.



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The Road Now


3 Responses to “Old Man”

  1. lost sheep Says:

    again very well written–to me i think anyone can get a different interpretation of wht something means–and again i see myself–been asking and searching alot lately.
    also didn’t realize you couldn’t find my blog LOL thought you could click on my icon and get to it. here is the other one i write in sometimes
    http://www.youwillriseagain.wordpress.com/ it is on spiritual abuse
    the http://www/scripturesrus.wordpress.com/ is suppose to be inspirational.
    always enjoy your writing

  2. theroadnow Says:

    I know you are taking a break….but the fact that you have informed us of such leads me to believe that you need a reason to stay……..
    i don’t write for anyone but me yet i each people such as you…………….
    i don’t care what anyone thinks about what i write yet i touch people by doing it…………..
    Take a break if you must but i want you to know that i write because it heals me……………………….
    again i am happy to have found your blog.

  3. lost sheep Says:

    ironically before i read this (your reply) i wrote back on my blogs today–thought the same thing.

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