Been Here? Done This?

The Road Now

Today I feel Like An Empty Shell………….

Not Far From Being A Skeleton In My Own Closet……


The Road Now

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3 Responses to “Been Here? Done This?”

  1. lost sheep Says:

    hey my friend–you are back 🙂 i unfortunately changed my blog again LOL i get in moods and end up deleting them–but started up again miss my writing–one is on spiritual abuse–which i have had
    the other is just my writing, and spiritual walk or lack there of
    hope you stop by–been checking here and like i said before–find your posts inspiring and make me think of myself so much–there is something about short words and pics–glad to see you back my friend

  2. theroadnow Says:

    Wen, i have been a bit on thedepressed side..but trying to write again.
    I willbe sure to visit your blogs.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. searchingforfaith Says:

    i understand that all to well 😦

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