Running Man


The Road Now


I wake in the middle of the night

I want to fly away from the pain deep inside

I freeze as if time no longer exists

Wings ripped away by self doubt

Morning comes and again I face myself

The shoes I wear today

Once worn by many

I trudge along

Time heals

Even me



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3 Responses to “Running Man”

  1. lost sheep Says:

    i have missed you and been trying to email you–glad to see you blog again—and again something excellent, deep, and i understand
    how is your son doing

  2. The Road Now Says:

    Wen thank you.My son is well and expected home soon.
    I will send you an updated email address.


  3. telove4him Says:

    hey–thinking of you–how is things–this is wendy from above–i deleted my other blogs–i am such a reactor but starting them again–i miss writing–but was having a hard time with the criticisms—email me and let me know how your son is doing and how you are

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