Let Me Love You

The Road Now

I’m not sure when it was that I realized I was dead

 I think it was after I was done and gone

 Looking back in front of me seeing the pain

 Which I forced upon you for lack of me clearing my past

 I closed the door before it was fully open

 Thought that it was your foot that wasn’t in all the way in

 Looking down at mine I see it wasn’t so

 Lie down beside me and let me show you

 Who I really am

 I’m man with a your broken heart in my hands

 I will caress it with my soul

 Slowly mending my broken ways

My ways of living in the past
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The Road Now


3 Responses to “Let Me Love You”

  1. telove4him Says:

    hey friend been so long huh been missing your writings and as usual well put and can so so relate (Wen) also hope you are doing okay

  2. The Road Now Says:

    Hey Wen, Hope all is well. Thank you for the visit

  3. Jenie Bean Says:

    I will never get tired of reading this

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