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The Possible Future

September 30, 2012

The Road Now

The dream of a possible past changing what I think we have

The little moments when you see a past future

A glimpse of happiness we have yet to know

Thoughts of non-existent disappointment

Thoughts of pain not yet felt

Pretty face and contagious smile

Displace the creeping darkness

Return the reality of the minutes

Minutes which create a possible future

The Road Now

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Find Me Within

December 18, 2011

The Road Now

You sit in sadness

Your pain so great you do not feel me

You do not hear me

You see my death and cry out why

I can not tell you why

Why may never be known to you

I have left this earth but rest in your heart

I knock at your door

Forgive and heal

Forgive me and forgive yourself

Fault is not yours

Heal by knowing I am with you

I am in all that you do

I am home if you grow

Grow and I am at peace

Love me and understand

You will hear my knock upon the door

Open the door and see

I really never left you

For You are me

I am you


The Road Now


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Faux My Friends

October 30, 2010


The Road Now

I stood today next to a forever friend

Realized that sometimes they come into our lives

Not to stay but to teach us how to live

Rain fell upon me today and deep within me I accepted loss

I have known many and been much to some

In the end what matters is who stands with you

Remembers what we were and allows

The journey to continue

The Road Now

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Kiss My Ass

September 30, 2010

The Road Now

Burning The Midnight Oil 

Stressing While Reaching For Perfection 

Body Says Slow Down 

Illness Creeps In 

You Burn More Oil 

Nobody Cares 

Because Money Is Gone 

Set A Trap That Can Only Catch 

What Your Mind Already Believes 

The Smoke Has You 

Believing You Are Always Right 

If I Could Look Behind You 

I Would Probably Find 

Many More Just Like Me 

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The Road Now

Memorial Day 2010

May 30, 2010

The Road Now

On This Holiday

Closed or Open

Please Take a Minute

To Honor The Fallen

For They Are The Reason

We Are Free


Please Turn The Page

May 25, 2010

The Road Now

You choose to judge me on my looks

You see me  as if closed

Yet I have opened up

About my current situation

I being stripped of all material things

You don’t even care to turn the pages

The pages that reveal that which I really am

I stand before you

A victim of bad decisions

You see nothing worth time

My situation could happen to anyone

It is happening to many

It could  happen to you

Judge me by my cover

You will not see

The pick I hold

Yet I hold it with


I hold it with pride

You can not to see the gold

The gold which the pick will uncover

Turn the pages

Set us both free

With a chance of

The dignity of a paycheck


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Uncle Bens Cabin

February 23, 2010

The Road Now

 The cold wind blowing through his soul 

 Obscures his deceit 

The screaming deep within my soul 

Obscures my intent






 The Road Now 

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Death Before Birth

October 24, 2009

The Road Now

The End Came As Death Lay In Wait…Of The Rescue That Never Came..Leaving Behind The Guilt That May Never Be understood….If  I Should  Be Given A Chance To Speak From Where I Have Been Destined. I would Scream Out, and Say…Forgiveness is yours……Move forward and Know What Happened Was Because That Which Was Did Not Have The Acceptance of  Reality. …Love Was Not Known In The Silence That Was Demanded From Those That portrait the goodness of love. The Love That Existed Only In The Pain Of  That Which Was Now Gone.

The Road Now

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The Cliff At Your Feet

October 24, 2009
Nice Game (2)

The Road Now

Today I realized who you are. Or perhaps who I once was. You chase the empty dollar. sacrificing the friendship that stands at the ready. In hopes of achieving that which is not. Security is more than $$$$$$.Yet you do not see it. Phone rings and you forget with intention that voicemail exists. You stand at the edge of a cliff and see it as a beach. When will you realize that you will jump without chosing to do so. We will catch you when you fall. We are your friends, we ask that you put us before the phone, before the money, before the car.We are the ones that will carry you. The same way the truck carries that car you care more about. The message is clear, without me, without us, without love, all you have is a dollar that disappears as quickly as it appears. Our love is forever,the dollar is……………….. Disappointment is a symptom of that which destroys the soul of those that deny the truth.

The Road Now

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Happy 4th of July 2009

July 4, 2009

The Road Now

I have no fancy words

To describe how I feel

About the men and women

That have kept this country free

On this day I hope that

Everyone remembers

To pray for the safety

Of those currently serving

This great country

Lest we forget

The cost of Freedom

   The Road Now

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