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The War

November 25, 2012

The Road Now

Desires filled with deception

Hidden locked away

How will you keep me

Until the next promise

Fades with an excuse

When I wake and ask why

Will you keep me

In a closet full of the skeletons of me

The Road Now

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Dear John

October 15, 2012

The Road Now


I wonder if you know what it is you do

I wait in the minutes that have past

I wonder if I do what I know

You move in the minutes to come

Twisted in timeless meanings

Meaningless to the time created

Telling myself it is not you

You telling me it is not me

Yet you and I are one

Dancing as if there is a meaning

Time has us never having time

What I know is not what I want to hear

What I hear is what I need to know

Left side says no

Right side says maybe

Confused middle of knowledge

Creates this wisdom

The pain of me is the pain of you

The pain in you is not the pain from me

The pain in me is the pain from me to you

The pain from you in me is from you

The disguise of happiness is pain

The pain of the disguise

Leaves me to live inside me

While you live inside him

The Road Now

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Your Words Are Not Wisdom

August 18, 2012

The Road Now

You say one thing but do another

You do one thing then say another

You think you can create my thoughts without actions

You think your actions create my thoughts

Your actions speak louder than the thoughts you wish to create

Your actions speak louder than the words you speak from my lips

You are the path to wisdom

You and wisdom are not one

Wisdom is not you

Wisdom is not me

Your actions not your words

Speak the wisdom that need be heard

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The Road Now

The Rain Within

March 25, 2011

The Road Now

Years of looking for that which was supposed to be a given.

Looking for guidance and direction I found my comfort

In Liquid that went down as hard as your Temper

But soon felt as good as what I thought I sought

The Clouds that filled my lungs were like the love I had heard about

Needles of hope altered my blood but not my DNA

Because of your absence I grew into nothing to mimic.

Leaving became a daily death that would soon be buried deep beneath the sadness nobody will see.

The possibility of your return being non-existent

Leaves me within the walls

Littered with graffiti of you

Dad why did you let your son go astray?

The Road Now


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Dead Valentine

February 14, 2011

The Road Now

My love was yours as my life was mine

My life taken by me as your love was taken from me

In my death I found freedom from the prison that is your life

I rest in peace as you wrestle in ego

The Road Now

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My Darkness

January 27, 2011

The Road Now

My light is dimmed by the word NO

I hear it but nobody is saying it

It seldom leaves my thoughts or my soul

The rain in my head has become a mental symphony

It shows up on the sunniest days.

Scrambled thoughts of yesterday

Screaming for a vison of tomorrow

The things I want to say 

Leave NO key to the door I just closed

This is my darkness

The Road Now

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Faux My Friends

October 30, 2010


The Road Now

I stood today next to a forever friend

Realized that sometimes they come into our lives

Not to stay but to teach us how to live

Rain fell upon me today and deep within me I accepted loss

I have known many and been much to some

In the end what matters is who stands with you

Remembers what we were and allows

The journey to continue

The Road Now

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Give Me A Reason

September 30, 2010

The Road Now

He Can’t Possibly Know What He Is Talking About

Yet He Keeps Producing A Great Product

Gotta Keep Throwing Things At Him

Eventually Fault Will Appear

Even If Imagined

Just Give Me A Reason

To Keep Him Down

The Road Now

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Kiss My Ass

September 30, 2010

The Road Now

Burning The Midnight Oil 

Stressing While Reaching For Perfection 

Body Says Slow Down 

Illness Creeps In 

You Burn More Oil 

Nobody Cares 

Because Money Is Gone 

Set A Trap That Can Only Catch 

What Your Mind Already Believes 

The Smoke Has You 

Believing You Are Always Right 

If I Could Look Behind You 

I Would Probably Find 

Many More Just Like Me 

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The Road Now

Running Man

August 21, 2010

The Road Now


I wake in the middle of the night

I want to fly away from the pain deep inside

I freeze as if time no longer exists

Wings ripped away by self doubt

Morning comes and again I face myself

The shoes I wear today

Once worn by many

I trudge along

Time heals

Even me



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