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This Way, It Is Said

August 3, 2011

The Road Now

When my grandfather died I had nobody to turn to.

 I did not cry, I was not sad and those around me called me names

I did not know what I was, I did not know what I felt.

Life later defined this day as lost, angry and confused

One week earlier I sat with the old man and listened as he spoke not the usual riddle.

He told me he was leaving this earth and I would no longer see him.

He shared two words with me, sacred words they turned out to be.

For many years these words would bring me light and guide me through the darkness.

My darkness being me, running, him leading as my wounds.

My loss was great, evidenced by the dent in my soul

Peace, Love, and Understanding I would not  find until my own son and I traveled

Into a land unknown by me since I was a young boy, together we  journeyed

The land was unkept and littered with weeds and a fading light of a marker hoping to be noticed.

There I saw his name and cleared the land as my young son watched

Anger, hurt, and disappointment ascended from the soil into the heavens

I began to understand and it was clear to me

Leaving was not something he could have controled

Yan Yak my friend in your time of grief, and forever as you walk forward

In the abundant light that you so freely share

May you find Peace, Love and Understanding

The Road Now

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Our Sickness

March 1, 2011

Your sickness is not my sickness

 Therefore I pray for peace, love, and understanding

In all that I do and those you come in contact with

My sickness is not yours

Therefore I pray for peace, love, and understanding

In all that you do and those that I come in contact with

Peace for the struggles with our sickness

Love for the ability to one day talk with each other about our sickness

Understanding for why we can not yet do so





The Road Now


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Never Too Late

October 2, 2010

The Road Now

When A Weary Soul Screams From Within Ones Heart

When Ones Heart Is Led By Circumstance

When Ones Feet  Are Pointed Backward

It’s Time To Listen

It’s Time To Be True

To Thine Own Self

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The Road Now

Son of The Road Now

May 29, 2010

The Road Now

Dad keep your head up, the people who matter are the ones who will read the book. The rest aren’t worth your time. You have not made any bad decisions, bad things come up so that we can overcome them and grow stronger. Your life is much different than it used to be, just take a look at what you have been doing since i left! It looks like your enjoying a part of life that you never really had a taste of before… the part of life i have always followed my heart toward just to enjoy life and live your dreams and have good friends. I have made bad decisions but i am very happy where my life has taken me and you should be proud to be where you are, with people who love you and son who couldnt be more proud of who his dad is now. Money and the things we have or didnt have in our lives never took away from the great memories we had and all the ones you and i have before us that we havent even made yet. Let go of what people view as important and embrace life as it comes and take ever opportunity to do what sounds like a good fun idea! I have always said and my actions have shown this hence me being a Marine, but money doesnt matter, the friends you keep and the positive impact you make on someones life is worth so much more then gold and paper. I love you and I miss you and I am very proud of who you are now and who you always have been. A great father, a amazing friend and someone who has given his loving son more then he could have ever asked for in his life. Thank you

Son of  Road


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Please Turn The Page

May 25, 2010

The Road Now

You choose to judge me on my looks

You see me  as if closed

Yet I have opened up

About my current situation

I being stripped of all material things

You don’t even care to turn the pages

The pages that reveal that which I really am

I stand before you

A victim of bad decisions

You see nothing worth time

My situation could happen to anyone

It is happening to many

It could  happen to you

Judge me by my cover

You will not see

The pick I hold

Yet I hold it with


I hold it with pride

You can not to see the gold

The gold which the pick will uncover

Turn the pages

Set us both free

With a chance of

The dignity of a paycheck


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Old Man

November 30, 2009

The Road Now

 I stood in front of the hillside I looked up to the sky and asked you for help.

To deliver me from the current situation it would take a miracle.

I looked down and saw the path leading up the hill.

The days followed spent in silent communication with that which I assume is always there.

Sentence after sentence spoken with the need to have a vision of what is really before me.

Not willing to stop what I have been doing for so many years because I believe.

I believe in you and what you represent.

I feel forgiveness on a daily basis because I stray every hour.

I sense my inner turmoil but know I am receiving signal that I need to decipher.

I am in need of the key to this door that frightens me.

I’ve no one to turn to for I am old.

So I stand before you and try to see you as my children see me.



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The Road Now

The Way I See It-&-God as My Glasses

May 31, 2009
God as My Glasses

The Road Now

The Way I See It

Even though things happen that you could not foresee

With the right pair of glasses and of course some good friends.

You can get through anything.

By: My Buddy

Truitt Beitz

(brother to Alexandria Zepeda)

 God as My Glasses

Sitting with my buddy Truitt talking about the things that happen in life. We came to the conclusion that God makes a good pair of glasses. We wear them Daily


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Grief or Guilt

May 27, 2009
Faith in the Dark (2)

The Road Now

I see you but know not where you are

There somewhere in the darkness

Your soul weeps and you have faded

You should have

You could have

You would have

You did not

You must come forward

Out of the darkness and forgive


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In Remembrance

May 24, 2009
Johnny Botello USMC kia Vietnam (2)

The Road Now

Johnny Botello

United States Marine Corps 

KIA  Vietnam

My Brother-in-Law


The Road Now

Matthew Brown

United States Army

War Casualty


My Nephew

These are Heros in my eyes as are all that have fallen in defense of this great nations freedom.

Please take the time to remember what Memorial Day is About


Lest We Forget

May 21, 2009

The Road Now

Memorial Day is approaching.

Enjoy and Remember