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The War

November 25, 2012

The Road Now

Desires filled with deception

Hidden locked away

How will you keep me

Until the next promise

Fades with an excuse

When I wake and ask why

Will you keep me

In a closet full of the skeletons of me

The Road Now

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Dear John

October 15, 2012

The Road Now


I wonder if you know what it is you do

I wait in the minutes that have past

I wonder if I do what I know

You move in the minutes to come

Twisted in timeless meanings

Meaningless to the time created

Telling myself it is not you

You telling me it is not me

Yet you and I are one

Dancing as if there is a meaning

Time has us never having time

What I know is not what I want to hear

What I hear is what I need to know

Left side says no

Right side says maybe

Confused middle of knowledge

Creates this wisdom

The pain of me is the pain of you

The pain in you is not the pain from me

The pain in me is the pain from me to you

The pain from you in me is from you

The disguise of happiness is pain

The pain of the disguise

Leaves me to live inside me

While you live inside him

The Road Now

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Find Me Within

December 18, 2011

The Road Now

You sit in sadness

Your pain so great you do not feel me

You do not hear me

You see my death and cry out why

I can not tell you why

Why may never be known to you

I have left this earth but rest in your heart

I knock at your door

Forgive and heal

Forgive me and forgive yourself

Fault is not yours

Heal by knowing I am with you

I am in all that you do

I am home if you grow

Grow and I am at peace

Love me and understand

You will hear my knock upon the door

Open the door and see

I really never left you

For You are me

I am you


The Road Now


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Hard Working Americans

March 18, 2011

I haven’t talked much or written about my son going to or returning from the war.
I hope to do so from the depth of soul real soon.
This is a video of his unit in action.
God Bless America.

Memorial Day 2010

May 30, 2010

The Road Now

On This Holiday

Closed or Open

Please Take a Minute

To Honor The Fallen

For They Are The Reason

We Are Free


Son of The Road Now

May 29, 2010

The Road Now

Dad keep your head up, the people who matter are the ones who will read the book. The rest aren’t worth your time. You have not made any bad decisions, bad things come up so that we can overcome them and grow stronger. Your life is much different than it used to be, just take a look at what you have been doing since i left! It looks like your enjoying a part of life that you never really had a taste of before… the part of life i have always followed my heart toward just to enjoy life and live your dreams and have good friends. I have made bad decisions but i am very happy where my life has taken me and you should be proud to be where you are, with people who love you and son who couldnt be more proud of who his dad is now. Money and the things we have or didnt have in our lives never took away from the great memories we had and all the ones you and i have before us that we havent even made yet. Let go of what people view as important and embrace life as it comes and take ever opportunity to do what sounds like a good fun idea! I have always said and my actions have shown this hence me being a Marine, but money doesnt matter, the friends you keep and the positive impact you make on someones life is worth so much more then gold and paper. I love you and I miss you and I am very proud of who you are now and who you always have been. A great father, a amazing friend and someone who has given his loving son more then he could have ever asked for in his life. Thank you

Son of  Road


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My Marine Corps Son

March 12, 2010

The Road Now

Corporal Deleon, Michael A.

Is headed to the war in Afghanistan

Deploying ———–2010.

I ask that you keep him in your prayers for a safe return.

The Road Now

A Handsome Young Man and a Very Good Marine

Loves His Job and Is Dedicated 


The Road Now

 Expert with a Pistol

The Road Now

Expert Rifleman

The Road Now

Well Dressed and A good Citizen.

The Road Now

I am Very Proud of Him.

God Bless Him and Keep Him Safe.


The Road Now



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Happy 4th of July 2009

July 4, 2009

The Road Now

I have no fancy words

To describe how I feel

About the men and women

That have kept this country free

On this day I hope that

Everyone remembers

To pray for the safety

Of those currently serving

This great country

Lest we forget

The cost of Freedom

   The Road Now

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In Remembrance

May 24, 2009
Johnny Botello USMC kia Vietnam (2)

The Road Now

Johnny Botello

United States Marine Corps 

KIA  Vietnam

My Brother-in-Law


The Road Now

Matthew Brown

United States Army

War Casualty


My Nephew

These are Heros in my eyes as are all that have fallen in defense of this great nations freedom.

Please take the time to remember what Memorial Day is About


Memorial Day

May 24, 2009
American Flag (2)

The Road Now

I hope that you will enjoy a parade, a BBQ, a ceremony, a friendship, and perhaps a War Story on Memorial Day 2009.

Map of The Fallen