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Dear John

October 15, 2012

The Road Now


I wonder if you know what it is you do

I wait in the minutes that have past

I wonder if I do what I know

You move in the minutes to come

Twisted in timeless meanings

Meaningless to the time created

Telling myself it is not you

You telling me it is not me

Yet you and I are one

Dancing as if there is a meaning

Time has us never having time

What I know is not what I want to hear

What I hear is what I need to know

Left side says no

Right side says maybe

Confused middle of knowledge

Creates this wisdom

The pain of me is the pain of you

The pain in you is not the pain from me

The pain in me is the pain from me to you

The pain from you in me is from you

The disguise of happiness is pain

The pain of the disguise

Leaves me to live inside me

While you live inside him

The Road Now

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A Final Peace

October 10, 2012

The Road Now

I feel the power of the hand that rules me

A look toward the heavens and I see What I don’t feel

Peace within pours out

My body a tool for the unknown path

Which I choose today not to run

A walk into the feeling of you

Me at a stand still

Moving at a speed of yesterdays thoughts

If today be my last day

I felt happiness for a minute

Here on my last day

I remember what I did not know then

The Road Now

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Where Are You Going

October 7, 2012

The Road Now

 A Moment in time

A wish exposed

We move with real motion

Anchored by the unknown


My shoulders Bear the weight

Your eyes see the time we met

As if mountains need be moved

We Become

The Road Now

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The Possible Future

September 30, 2012

The Road Now

The dream of a possible past changing what I think we have

The little moments when you see a past future

A glimpse of happiness we have yet to know

Thoughts of non-existent disappointment

Thoughts of pain not yet felt

Pretty face and contagious smile

Displace the creeping darkness

Return the reality of the minutes

Minutes which create a possible future

The Road Now

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Your Words Are Not Wisdom

August 18, 2012

The Road Now

You say one thing but do another

You do one thing then say another

You think you can create my thoughts without actions

You think your actions create my thoughts

Your actions speak louder than the thoughts you wish to create

Your actions speak louder than the words you speak from my lips

You are the path to wisdom

You and wisdom are not one

Wisdom is not you

Wisdom is not me

Your actions not your words

Speak the wisdom that need be heard

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The Road Now

Left in The Dark

June 17, 2011

The Road Now

Young boy I sit here an old man.

With you I roll down the highway toward the end on my life.

The end of my life will weigh heavy upon you as you travel in search of the light.

You will meet many who shine and you will believe they are the ones I speak about.

Be careful not to indulge too heavily in that which will cause separation of soul from self.

Years will pass and tears will fall because the road I traveled weeps for you.

Pay attention to your heart and remember that soul and self will correct each other.

 Warmth and understanding will enter from the distance and light you will see.

Subtle when you sleep in happines and bright when your life is lost in the sadness and disappointment.

Young boy you are growing old and the road you have traveled weeps……………………….

I have no answer

I know not how to explain

That which guides me

I know not why

The light from the east

Shines so bright within my soul

Epaminon why did you leave me so soon


The Road Now



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The Price of Gold

April 27, 2011

The Road Now

Be honest as you speak

Reveal what you think you see

You might find A friend

The Road Now

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Bi Polar

April 18, 2011

The separation between reality and fiction is non existent

Anxiety and peace sit as if  holding hands

In a dark room the sounds of  a life once lived

Echo and force ones exit into

Sunny days that are confused with

Cold rain dripping upon a broken face

Smiles reveal the anger buried beneath the eyes

That look up  from the ground below at

The feet which wear the shoes that don’t always fit

The Road Now

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Our Sickness

March 1, 2011

Your sickness is not my sickness

 Therefore I pray for peace, love, and understanding

In all that I do and those you come in contact with

My sickness is not yours

Therefore I pray for peace, love, and understanding

In all that you do and those that I come in contact with

Peace for the struggles with our sickness

Love for the ability to one day talk with each other about our sickness

Understanding for why we can not yet do so





The Road Now


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My Crack

February 23, 2011

She has been around the block a few times

She was with me before she was with you

She was with you before she was with me

She was here after you left

She will be there when I leave

She is a bottle of wine

She is a good cigar

She is a bottle of Jack

She is my crack

The Road Now

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