Can You Hear Me Now

May 8, 2011

The Road Now

She Stood In Front Of You And Cried For Help

Together We Looked Out The Window

You Saw Guilt I Saw Grief

You Stood In Front Of Me Sending Words

About The Doors In Life You’d Heard About

One Closes And A Window Opens

I Stand Before You And Send Words 

About The Doors In Life I Have Talked About

The Doors That Lead To A Corrected Soul

The Doors That Lead Toward The Light Of Understanding

The Doors That Lead To The Voice That Speaks Softly Within

The Doors That Gently Teach One How To Live

Quickly Closing The Windows And Keeping

Those That Supposedly Love You

From Stealing Your God Given Identity

The Road Now

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The Price of Gold

April 27, 2011

The Road Now

Be honest as you speak

Reveal what you think you see

You might find A friend

The Road Now

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Bi Polar

April 18, 2011

The separation between reality and fiction is non existent

Anxiety and peace sit as if  holding hands

In a dark room the sounds of  a life once lived

Echo and force ones exit into

Sunny days that are confused with

Cold rain dripping upon a broken face

Smiles reveal the anger buried beneath the eyes

That look up  from the ground below at

The feet which wear the shoes that don’t always fit

The Road Now

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The Rain Within

March 25, 2011

The Road Now

Years of looking for that which was supposed to be a given.

Looking for guidance and direction I found my comfort

In Liquid that went down as hard as your Temper

But soon felt as good as what I thought I sought

The Clouds that filled my lungs were like the love I had heard about

Needles of hope altered my blood but not my DNA

Because of your absence I grew into nothing to mimic.

Leaving became a daily death that would soon be buried deep beneath the sadness nobody will see.

The possibility of your return being non-existent

Leaves me within the walls

Littered with graffiti of you

Dad why did you let your son go astray?

The Road Now


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Hard Working Americans

March 18, 2011

I haven’t talked much or written about my son going to or returning from the war.
I hope to do so from the depth of soul real soon.
This is a video of his unit in action.
God Bless America.

Our Sickness

March 1, 2011

Your sickness is not my sickness

 Therefore I pray for peace, love, and understanding

In all that I do and those you come in contact with

My sickness is not yours

Therefore I pray for peace, love, and understanding

In all that you do and those that I come in contact with

Peace for the struggles with our sickness

Love for the ability to one day talk with each other about our sickness

Understanding for why we can not yet do so





The Road Now


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My Crack

February 23, 2011

She has been around the block a few times

She was with me before she was with you

She was with you before she was with me

She was here after you left

She will be there when I leave

She is a bottle of wine

She is a good cigar

She is a bottle of Jack

She is my crack

The Road Now

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Dead Valentine

February 14, 2011

The Road Now

My love was yours as my life was mine

My life taken by me as your love was taken from me

In my death I found freedom from the prison that is your life

I rest in peace as you wrestle in ego

The Road Now

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Next to Nothing or Next in Line

February 2, 2011

The Road Now

I stood next to nothing

My future  stood next to me

I could follow in the shadow of greatness

If  I could designate a hero

I would be next in line

The Road Now

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My Darkness

January 27, 2011

The Road Now

My light is dimmed by the word NO

I hear it but nobody is saying it

It seldom leaves my thoughts or my soul

The rain in my head has become a mental symphony

It shows up on the sunniest days.

Scrambled thoughts of yesterday

Screaming for a vison of tomorrow

The things I want to say 

Leave NO key to the door I just closed

This is my darkness

The Road Now

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